What is My Baby's List?

My Baby's List is a mobile app designed to keep your baby's growth records, remind you about the baby's shots, and has a basic list of products so you can be ready when the time comes.

Immunization Record

Have a record

Have control of your baby's vaccines, register your own and set a reminder for them.


Look for and find the right products for your baby

See the most recent products for your baby, follow up your products and more.


See for your baby's health
(coming soon)

Look through our directory of the best doctors and keep track of every visit's consultation.

Meet My Baby's List.


Directly download from your Android or iOS device.

Add your babies.

Have control of your Immunization Records.

Register your own vaccines.

Set a reminder for your vaccines.

View our product catalog.

Save all the products your baby's using.

Add your new products.

View a directory of registered doctors.(coming soon)

Register all consultations of your baby.(coming soon)

Account shared between parents.

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